Soooo tired

Can't you see it on my face? well no .. you can't ... but i am :(

Monday was my first day of training in a real job environnement for my jewellery class. I have to go through 3 weeks before i get done! Meanwhile, i stay by my mom's house and .. damnit it's pain! The mix of my brother who keeps complaining that he's got nothing to do, that everything's boring and that he doesnt have any money ( which is miles from the thruth ), of his dog leaving hair everywhere so my clothes looks gross and dirty after i'd wear them once.. of the empty fridge.. of the fact that it IS really boring lol .. that i dont sleep so well .. that i'm not surrounded by my own stuff which keep me busy ... This whole mix of things is killing me =P

Well, tomorrow will be the final day of week 1 .. !  Two more to go. Damn it was stressful and frustrating the first days but it's getting better and my " employer " is telling me that i do a damn great job on repairing those jewels so it helps. Still, i can't wait to go back to school and get done with class. Only 4 lil months to go and i will be done :) !! YAY!

Then.. who knows =P Life's being a bitch about letting me know my future! So i dont know yet whats gonna happen. I've met a nice little fairy which is helping me making my way through all this to reach my goal and having my own workshop at home and launching my own jewellery brand could happen way sooner then i expected :) !

We'll see! Let's get the two next week over first! :)


Life is awesome :)

Well yeh, life is awesome.. at times :)

I guess after some shitty events recently good times are coming back ! Days at school are flying by so fast. I work so hard to get all my stuff done in time and faster then i'm supposed to so i can get done with school, have that precious piece of paper in my hands and move on to my life.

I'm starting my 3 weeks training august 23rd. I'm super excited to get a preview of what will be coming up for me if i work for someone after im done with school but i'm also stressed as i'm scared to break something and screw up big time.. whatever could turn out bad. I'm trying not to think about the negative that much lol but sometimes i can't avoid thinking it could go wrong =p

When i will be coming back to school there's going to be just some fun projects left and that's exciting! I will be working on personnal creations for the 4 months left i have to be there :)

Also i've met new people, awesome people that i cherish and truely hope will be part of my life for a long time.

I feel life will be blooming and bring me lots of good for just standing straight all this time through all the shit that came across in my life. I will be rewarded for my patience and efforts. For my strenght, which i've doubt sometimes but not anymore. Nothing's gonna stop me... !


Addiction ..

Well.. today i realised that i'm just totally ADDICTED to my car... I'm super handicaped without my car..

I had to get it towed from my current place to my hometown to get it fix, because of course, this bitch decided to die just a few days before i'd get back to school, just when i have absolutly no freakin money to get it fixed and that i already have 10 thousands problems causing my stress and hair loss already... Lol...  Life is just great sometimes isn't it?

Oh well, while i deeply hate it with all my evil soul, i miss my car and i wish it'd still be here :(   .. I feel vulnerable without it.

Tomorrow is going to suck .. really bad. Not only do i have to wake up at 5:30 am, i will have to take the bus ( which i didn't in years ) with smelly, weird, old, young, fucked ( add whichever other words you want here ) sort of people .. Because the only bus i can take to go to school is driving by at 6:55 am ..  How great! Plus .. ? i will have to wait 35 minutes at school before class does start.. Kill me someone, just please, kill me !!

6:55 am.. Sigh.. That's generally the time that i look at the clock and think to myself that i should get dressed and ready for class.. but then procrastinate 10 more minutes before doing so .. but for the next 2 or 3 days ( if the gods hate me ) it will be the time i will be sitting in a bus, uncomfortably on my way to school.

Please... make those days goes by fast!



Testing 1..2...

Recently my friend ZeroPumpkin suggested to me to get more white backgrounds pictures for my shop, stating it would make my jewels stands out more. She also gave me a link to a very interesting easy way to make a mini light studio out of a box.

Here's the results:

I think it worked out pretty good but i need stronger lights to make it more efficient :)   I will have to hunt for some when i get some free money. Ahhh .. hard times when you're a poor student lol ..

Feel free to let me know what you think about those pictures and if it would be more interesting to see these kind of pictures in my shop ;)



New items :)

I added some new items to my shop .. :) 
Some vintage earrings and a few more door/wall hanger. Here's a preview! Go take a look




So last sunday i saw Rammstein and Apocalyptica !! The shows were AMAZING! .. INSANE! You can look up on youtube :  Rammstein Festival d'ete de quebec 2010   and be super jaelous and envy me .. :)  kay? Thanks :D

So... other then this insane night that will not leave my mind for quite a while .. i've been getting more canvas and wooden signs to add more art to my shop so keep your eyes open !! They disapear super fast !

Also, i wanted to share with you the picture of this painting i've made for one of my etsy dark side team member:

She loved it and im thrilled.. ! I had a hard time letting it go lol .. :)
If you like these paintings and would like one of your own, have a special order etc... please feel free to contact me via Etsy and i will see what i can do for you :)

Other then this, im travelling from my place to my hometown to help my brother around with the house and the dogs while our parents are on vacation .. :)

On this... Rock on \m/_   and have a great summer !!


Guess what??

Its VACATIONS TIME :D wooooooooooooooh!

It started out great with a show of the Black eyed peas last night ! Wow it was just crazy! We were around 200 000 to 300 000 all packed out outside for a great moment! The weather was just perfect as well :D

Wow wow and re-wow ! What a great energy vibe there was.

Today i'm going to take it easy ...Tomorow? Apocalyptica and Rammstein in show :D Now that's going to be siiickkkk !!! I can't wait to be there :D !


One more step!

Well well ..

My etsy shop made one more step through this world .. :)
I sold one of my artwork today and i have to ship it to netherlands! That's awesome. It is the first time i will be shipping something over there. Other then Canada/Quebec and USA i've sent stuff to Spain, UK and now netherlands :D It feels great to know your stuff is going through this world and is appreciated by many different people ^_^ wow ..

On the school side, i keep up with my jewellery repairing techniques.. It is actually sort of a pain at first to figure out how to fix some chain but once you get to see how they're made and how they must fit it get easier.. :) just gotta be careful not to melt them down while fixing lol.

This is one of the chain i've fix. I had to weld lil parts together to make it a 18cm long bracelet and then get a clasp on it as well :)

And to make my heart a little lighter before the vacations here's a lil from me to me gift. Upper hearts are earrings ^_^ .. I had fun making them :


Can't wait for vacations

They are soooo far...
okay.. they start this week-end for me.. but still. That seems like it's going to take forever to go through the week. Today started terribly wrong. I had an exam and i will be failing it. 90% was the result needed to get a succes... and most of the checkpoints were 10 points each .. I fucked up on one of the last part so Goodbye success ... hello anger to have to make it all over again.

Oh well ... shit happens right?!

On another note here's a new necklace i've post in my shop ( ) I will try to kick my tired butt to make some more but that's all i have for today !


Newbies! :)

I just listed in my etsy shop a few more feather earrings ! Here's one example of them plus a cute pair or sterling silver earrings i've also listed ! :) Go take a look at them.



First of all, i'm not the one holding a contest! Sorry.. :) Maybe one day!

For now on, i am featuring a team member's one .. Ms, AgonysDecay 's. The rules are super simple. 1) Visit her shop at 2) Find your favorite item through the whole bunch of super stuff she have :) 3) Convo her to let her know which one is your favorite. You'll then get one entry for her contest and one chance to win your item! :) Want more entries ? Follow her rules and help her by promoting on your blog, twitter or facebook! Also purchase something from her shop for more chances! Rules can be found on her shop homepage!

Here's some of the hundred great items you could win:

Major update 2nd part

So.. here's more of the jewels i've been making in class :)

The two flowers earrings are available in my etsy shop with the fish pendant :) The two rings are not in my shop but they aren't sold. If you may be interested in one of them, please contact me over Etsy and let me know so i can list them for you or give you any information needed ! Other items are sold :)

Major update !

Well ..

Back in january i sort of gave up on my blog as i don't have that many followers .. hehe.. It's up to three now tho? Oh well :)

I decided to keep blogging and try to promote it a bit more in the future! So now, let me show you guys what i've been up to in class since january... there's a lot so bare with me :)

First, here's a bracelet i made months ago and polished back in march. It has been sold already:

In 2nd, a cute little pendant with a spider on it :) This item is actually available in my etsy shop !

In third, one of the jewel im the most proud of. It took me 20hr to make and is worth over 150$ :

This is a little music pendant that i made out of one exercise that i had to realise in school. This item is sold :)

Next is a star pendant i made fully out of wires, with a real pearl. This item was gifted:

More in the following message.. :)


It's aliveeeee !!

Remember my lil wax skull ring? Well here it is ... casted in silver !! :) I'm so very proud of it! I wear it all the time .. :D I might make a mold out of it to reproduce it and sell some over my etsy shop but im not quite sure yet.. ;) might keep that one all for me .. !


To conquer the world...

You need latex molds!

HeHe .. this is a new chapter i'm learning in class.. You make a latex mold out of one silver jewel that you like and want to reproduce as many time as you wish .. Then you inject wax into your mold which will give you a wax prototype :) a perfect copy of the original jewel ( if you mold was well made ). Then, all you have to do is take that wax sample and cast it into plaster... wait for it to dry and put it into the oven. Inside the oven, the wax will melt and burn way leaving only an empty space into your plaster :)

Get your centrifuge machine ready, get ur silver grains to melt and obtain a new replica of your jewel ! :)

"Simple" as this.. ! Well.. it's a long process :P but its worht it! More photo to come when i get to cast some of the rings i made :)


Back to work!

Well .. ! Went back to school last week and i keep working my way through this whole process :)

Here's the last project i've done, it's a little case which opens and close with a hinge sytem. Could make a pretty photo pendant ( if i'd weld a little edge all around it to keep it in place ) i will have to look at this .. ;P

Btw the yellow sort of color of it is due to the bad lightning in my app .. :\ but its made in .925 sterling silver ! :)