Soooo tired

Can't you see it on my face? well no .. you can't ... but i am :(

Monday was my first day of training in a real job environnement for my jewellery class. I have to go through 3 weeks before i get done! Meanwhile, i stay by my mom's house and .. damnit it's pain! The mix of my brother who keeps complaining that he's got nothing to do, that everything's boring and that he doesnt have any money ( which is miles from the thruth ), of his dog leaving hair everywhere so my clothes looks gross and dirty after i'd wear them once.. of the empty fridge.. of the fact that it IS really boring lol .. that i dont sleep so well .. that i'm not surrounded by my own stuff which keep me busy ... This whole mix of things is killing me =P

Well, tomorrow will be the final day of week 1 .. !  Two more to go. Damn it was stressful and frustrating the first days but it's getting better and my " employer " is telling me that i do a damn great job on repairing those jewels so it helps. Still, i can't wait to go back to school and get done with class. Only 4 lil months to go and i will be done :) !! YAY!

Then.. who knows =P Life's being a bitch about letting me know my future! So i dont know yet whats gonna happen. I've met a nice little fairy which is helping me making my way through all this to reach my goal and having my own workshop at home and launching my own jewellery brand could happen way sooner then i expected :) !

We'll see! Let's get the two next week over first! :)

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