It's aliveeeee !!

Remember my lil wax skull ring? Well here it is ... casted in silver !! :) I'm so very proud of it! I wear it all the time .. :D I might make a mold out of it to reproduce it and sell some over my etsy shop but im not quite sure yet.. ;) might keep that one all for me .. !


To conquer the world...

You need latex molds!

HeHe .. this is a new chapter i'm learning in class.. You make a latex mold out of one silver jewel that you like and want to reproduce as many time as you wish .. Then you inject wax into your mold which will give you a wax prototype :) a perfect copy of the original jewel ( if you mold was well made ). Then, all you have to do is take that wax sample and cast it into plaster... wait for it to dry and put it into the oven. Inside the oven, the wax will melt and burn way leaving only an empty space into your plaster :)

Get your centrifuge machine ready, get ur silver grains to melt and obtain a new replica of your jewel ! :)

"Simple" as this.. ! Well.. it's a long process :P but its worht it! More photo to come when i get to cast some of the rings i made :)


Back to work!

Well .. ! Went back to school last week and i keep working my way through this whole process :)

Here's the last project i've done, it's a little case which opens and close with a hinge sytem. Could make a pretty photo pendant ( if i'd weld a little edge all around it to keep it in place ) i will have to look at this .. ;P

Btw the yellow sort of color of it is due to the bad lightning in my app .. :\ but its made in .925 sterling silver ! :)