Addiction ..

Well.. today i realised that i'm just totally ADDICTED to my car... I'm super handicaped without my car..

I had to get it towed from my current place to my hometown to get it fix, because of course, this bitch decided to die just a few days before i'd get back to school, just when i have absolutly no freakin money to get it fixed and that i already have 10 thousands problems causing my stress and hair loss already... Lol...  Life is just great sometimes isn't it?

Oh well, while i deeply hate it with all my evil soul, i miss my car and i wish it'd still be here :(   .. I feel vulnerable without it.

Tomorrow is going to suck .. really bad. Not only do i have to wake up at 5:30 am, i will have to take the bus ( which i didn't in years ) with smelly, weird, old, young, fucked ( add whichever other words you want here ) sort of people .. Because the only bus i can take to go to school is driving by at 6:55 am ..  How great! Plus .. ? i will have to wait 35 minutes at school before class does start.. Kill me someone, just please, kill me !!

6:55 am.. Sigh.. That's generally the time that i look at the clock and think to myself that i should get dressed and ready for class.. but then procrastinate 10 more minutes before doing so .. but for the next 2 or 3 days ( if the gods hate me ) it will be the time i will be sitting in a bus, uncomfortably on my way to school.

Please... make those days goes by fast!


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