One more step!

Well well ..

My etsy shop made one more step through this world .. :)
I sold one of my artwork today and i have to ship it to netherlands! That's awesome. It is the first time i will be shipping something over there. Other then Canada/Quebec and USA i've sent stuff to Spain, UK and now netherlands :D It feels great to know your stuff is going through this world and is appreciated by many different people ^_^ wow ..

On the school side, i keep up with my jewellery repairing techniques.. It is actually sort of a pain at first to figure out how to fix some chain but once you get to see how they're made and how they must fit it get easier.. :) just gotta be careful not to melt them down while fixing lol.

This is one of the chain i've fix. I had to weld lil parts together to make it a 18cm long bracelet and then get a clasp on it as well :)

And to make my heart a little lighter before the vacations here's a lil from me to me gift. Upper hearts are earrings ^_^ .. I had fun making them :

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