Life is awesome :)

Well yeh, life is awesome.. at times :)

I guess after some shitty events recently good times are coming back ! Days at school are flying by so fast. I work so hard to get all my stuff done in time and faster then i'm supposed to so i can get done with school, have that precious piece of paper in my hands and move on to my life.

I'm starting my 3 weeks training august 23rd. I'm super excited to get a preview of what will be coming up for me if i work for someone after im done with school but i'm also stressed as i'm scared to break something and screw up big time.. whatever could turn out bad. I'm trying not to think about the negative that much lol but sometimes i can't avoid thinking it could go wrong =p

When i will be coming back to school there's going to be just some fun projects left and that's exciting! I will be working on personnal creations for the 4 months left i have to be there :)

Also i've met new people, awesome people that i cherish and truely hope will be part of my life for a long time.

I feel life will be blooming and bring me lots of good for just standing straight all this time through all the shit that came across in my life. I will be rewarded for my patience and efforts. For my strenght, which i've doubt sometimes but not anymore. Nothing's gonna stop me... !

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