Major update !

Well ..

Back in january i sort of gave up on my blog as i don't have that many followers .. hehe.. It's up to three now tho? Oh well :)

I decided to keep blogging and try to promote it a bit more in the future! So now, let me show you guys what i've been up to in class since january... there's a lot so bare with me :)

First, here's a bracelet i made months ago and polished back in march. It has been sold already:

In 2nd, a cute little pendant with a spider on it :) This item is actually available in my etsy shop !

In third, one of the jewel im the most proud of. It took me 20hr to make and is worth over 150$ :

This is a little music pendant that i made out of one exercise that i had to realise in school. This item is sold :)

Next is a star pendant i made fully out of wires, with a real pearl. This item was gifted:

More in the following message.. :)

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