So last sunday i saw Rammstein and Apocalyptica !! The shows were AMAZING! .. INSANE! You can look up on youtube :  Rammstein Festival d'ete de quebec 2010   and be super jaelous and envy me .. :)  kay? Thanks :D

So... other then this insane night that will not leave my mind for quite a while .. i've been getting more canvas and wooden signs to add more art to my shop so keep your eyes open !! They disapear super fast !

Also, i wanted to share with you the picture of this painting i've made for one of my etsy dark side team member:

She loved it and im thrilled.. ! I had a hard time letting it go lol .. :)
If you like these paintings and would like one of your own, have a special order etc... please feel free to contact me via Etsy and i will see what i can do for you :)

Other then this, im travelling from my place to my hometown to help my brother around with the house and the dogs while our parents are on vacation .. :)

On this... Rock on \m/_   and have a great summer !!

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Kira a dit…

Awesome job on the painting.

Meeshah a dit…

thanks so much :)