welding welding welding!

Well .. Im finally done with the welding part of my training .. sort of :) Just the big basics exercises !

Here's another creation i made during that course ( it's a brooch btw )

It was going to be up for sale once cleaned ( on this pic its still a bit dirty from the welding ), filed down and polished but it already found a buyer ! I will still post a nice pic of the finished result. By the way, i dont know if i said that earlier in my other posts but, that white color is due to the fact we're cleaning our silver pieces into an acid bath. The silver color comes back to normal when the piece is worked out (filed or polished etc ) .. :)

I moved up to another course which is to make tubular items like ring and tubes just by bending and welding them close. I will be posting some pictures as soon as i get some of those projects done :)

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