One more step

So .. after all the works i've shown in my first post, we moved to another part of our apprenticeship. We've learn how to weld ! Actually, even if i thought that would be pretty boring and difficult, i enjoyed it ! Im also kind of good at it ;)

The first thing we had to do was little character from pieces of silver we had left ! Looking through what i had i came up with this little dead kitteh:
Its white, rather then silver, look, is due to the acidic solution we used to clean our piece :) It will go back to its pretty and shinny silver state once i get it polished. ( Yes i turned it into a pendant :D but no it's not for sale ;) )
After playing around with our little characters, we had to make two different style of bracelets. By the way, if anyone is wondering, yes we are making everything. We start making and ingot that we turn into wire.. that we turn into jump rings or sticks just like in the pictures below. The first bracelet was longer to do as we had to weld every ring one by one so they will never open up. The second one didn't take as much time but it was pretty tricky to do. I had to weld a tiny ring at the end of each sticks and make sure they're well welded so they wont break .. then i had to tie them all by some ovals rings, which are also weld to stay close.

Those two bracelets will also need to be polished and are sadly not going to be sold in my shop as i found some buyers already :)
So far, there's handmade jewels that i made but i might put up for sale some of my school projects ! Keeps an eye up on my shop .. or on my blog for updates about this :)
Well.. that's what i've got done in class ! Our group is moving up quickly and learn pretty fast. I will try to write everyday ( if possible ) just to say how it goes and what i'm doing. I will also post pictures of what im doing in class ! Keep an eye on me world .. You may wear some of my jewelery in a close future :)

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