The very first steps

I started school August 24th and so far so good !

It's really my passion and i will do whatever i will need to do to reach my goal! :) Why bloggin about it? Well.. i guess that first of all it will be a good way to get known by some people .. hoping there's actually some people who will follow my progress! And also, it always feels good to share up how we feel ! There's so many things going on in this class ! :)

I will be posting up some pictures of my class works also! It's fun to share the feelings and the days but i guess that my followers will want to see what i'm doing!

Sooo... after this little introduction let's talk about the class weeks that went by already. The first week was kind of long as all we did was talking about the ethics of someone working in the jewelry domain. We also talked a lot about security in class as we use and manipulate many things that can be dangerous if not handled properly. We've read for hours about all the tools we were going to use and what they were used for. It was kind of boring ya know .. :)

Then, the second week seemed to be more appealing to us ! We finally got to work !! At first though, it was long and difficult for us, still kind of boring also. Why ? Well, because just like anyone learning anything, we had to start by the begining! So we did basic stuff that we didn't enjoy and that seemed like a pain.. you know where :)

So here's the first projects we had to realise :

This is a brass stick we had to file down from a round shape to a square shape, then we had to file specific shapes in it :

Then we had severals exercises to do to get better skills with the drill and the saw. Here's the most impressive one :

We also had a few exercises to bend wire into some specific shapes:

Then we finally got to make our first real jewel ! We were all so excited ! We Made a little silver ring. It went from this first one to the final result:

See the next post for more of it .. :)

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