Hollidays are coming !

YAY! For days of school left for me :)

Vacations are going to feel goooodd ! Until then, still working hard at school ! Yesterday, we went to Montreal to see some tools, gems, gold/silver merchants to get some contacts and some cards to order later on when needed :) It was great to make a first contact with them.

We then had the opportunity to go to a huge Art exposition where tons of people were showing off what they make for a living. People working glass, people working leather, jewelers of course ! People making lamps .. paintings, wood carving and more ! It was a huge exposition. I took a few second to ask a lady how much it cost to have a stand there ( 2000$ for the smaller spot ) and she also told me that it was way worthing it as you make a few exposition like that and you have your $ for the year. I was kind of amazed about that o_O .. it's crazy to think you can live a whole year with only 2 or 3 expositions... wow !

Oh well ! It was quite a cold, but, interesting day :)

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