Can someone say V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N-S ? I can !!! :)

Aaahhh .. feels good! I'm done school until january 6th and i am not supposed to work so i will be able to relax and rest for that whole time! I will also visit my family in my hometown for some days and of course, make new jewels and paintings for my etsy shop! ;)

Now to come back on the school subject, there's some pictures, at the bottom of the page, of the wax prototypes we're carving in class. They will eventually be casted in plaster to make molds and then reproduced in silver .. :) When i'll have the silver prototypes in my hands i will then be able to make rubber molds which will be used to make as many wax reproductions as i want, to then start all the process over and over again :)

The cat one will be turned in as a brooch/pendant and will eventually be up for sale ! I'm not done carving it yet :)

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